Friday, December 4, 2009

Here Comes Trouble!

The week after Thanksgiving went along as usual, grocery shopping, work, playing games, playgroup...
Until Sunday afternoon, when my days became MUCH busier....

That's right folks, Emma started crawling. And she's into EVERYTHING! Don't get me wrong, it's so cute to watch her chubby little body waddle across the room on all fours reaching for her favorite object, the remote control. She's able to interact with Luke more (she loves assisting him by knocking down his train track so that he is able to build it over, and over, and over again!), reach her own toys instead of screaming at me to get them when they are out of reach, and follow me when I need to leave the room. But I feel like she's taking this newfound freedom for granted...

Here's what I found her doing Sunday evening, mere hours from our beloved stationary days. I left the room for a few minutes to help Luke in the kitchen, and I returned to the entire cabinet in the entertainment center EMPTIED!

You can tell from the look on this precious face that she's so proud of her accomplishments!

I knew this was quickly approaching, but i still don't think I'm ready for it! The girl has me ready for naptime before she is! And poor Luke has been tripping on her when he walks backwards because she wasn't just behind him a minute ago!

I should be thanking God for strong limbs that are able to move freely....right?


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  1. Oh how cool I have gotta come over before nap time!! She is so cute I just enjoy her so much. And Luke just cracks me up!!! Yes be thanking God for the crawling it is a beautiful sight! Brought tears to my eyes! Love ya, Jessica