Monday, November 9, 2009

August & September

The local zoo in Grand Rapids hosted a kids day in August, with $1 admission and lots of free extras and exhibits. The kids and I went down for part of the day, accompanied by Aunt Melissa.
Emma looking stylish in her aquarium appropriate sundress!

Luke was so excited to see all of the animals!

The aquarium. Luke is obsessed with fish!

Wendy's restaraunt had a booth set up with free hair spray painting. Luke decided that he'd like his two favorite things on his circles. I almost lost him in the leopard exhibit!

Examining how small our hands our in comparison to a gorilla's.

Am I the only one who sees he resemblance?!

We had a great time at the zoo, seeing all of the different animals.
Emma turned 6 months on September 11, the same day as Jacob and mine's 5th wedding anniversary. She was officially halfway to one! :( I love every stage that she goes through and watching how she grows and develops, but it is bittersweet when we leave one phase behind as we move on to another. The phase at 6 months led to...SITTING! This was huge for everyone in the family, because it meant that Emma could see things from our point of view. She had been getting frustrated with always laying in something and missing out on the action. No longer an issue, she's a happy clam now that she can sit!

One Sunday afternoon, we went to Nana's house for dinner and dessert. I know I probably should even admit to letting Luke do this, let alone taking pictures but I couldn't resist. He LOVES chocolate! Melissa and I made brownies to go along with our hot fudge sundaes, and we had to do SOMETHING with the batter that was left in the bowl.....

At least I gave him milk to wash it down with, right?

Thanks to Grandpa Randy, the entire family fell in love with grilled corn on the cob. Luke especially!

This is just a sweet picture of my two kiddos, I love getting to spend my days with these two!

We hope you are all doing well, check our our next update for some Halloween fun!

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