Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

Five months of catching up, I'm not sure where to begin! Sorry I haven't updated in so long, we've had a jam-packed summer! I'll start with the month of July.

We went camping with some friends over the 4th of July weekend. Luke had a blast playing outside with his friends, Anthony and Lillia.

We went swimming, ate ice cream and collected snails.

Luke thought it was so cool to sleep on a couch/bed!

My two cuties on the 4th. Emma was less than impressed with all the picture-taking.

Luke discovered a new love, shuffleboard! Here he is practicing to whoop Puna on the court next summer. :)

The campground had several activities throughout the weekend. We played games at a carnival, took a hayride through the woods and rode in a big monster truck as it did donuts in the dirt!

Luke absolutely LOVED playing with the sparklers. I suppose a little boys fascination with fire starts at a young age!

We took an afternoon to teach Luke about tennis (the very little that we even know). He always amazes us at his coordination, and hit more than a couple balls!

He even has all the poses down!

We had a great time camping with the Quick family, and look forward to more camping trips next summer. It's pretty convenient that Luke & Emma's Nana lives at a campground!

Grandpa Randy came from Florida during the middle of July to visit for a long weekend. We had such a nice time taking walks, going out to eat, and playing at the park with him. We also went down to Grand Rapids one afternoon to celebrate cousin Miya's 3rd birthday! Here are some pictures to highlight Grandpa's visit.

Family photo taken by grandpa after bruch at a local hotel.

Daddy with Emma by the lake.

The whole gang together for a picnic lunch at the beach park. Luke, Jacob, Emma, Cassie, Miya, Laura, Kyleigh, and Travis.

Cousins Miya and Luke enjoying their picnic lunch.

The kids with Grandpa.

Cousins Emma & Kyleigh, just 6 weeks apart. You'd never be able to guess from their sizes, but Kyleigh's the older one!

Laura and Kyleigh at the park.

Miya & Luke riding in a car at Miya's party.

The birthday girl, Miya, in her new princess outfit!

We had such a nice time visiting with Grandpa, and look forward to seeing him again soon!

The rest of our month was filled with walks to the park, picnic lunches, a wedding, and many playdates with friends! We also went swimming, played in the sprinkler and went to a petting zoo. View the next update for the months of August & September!

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