Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day, Yard Sales, etc.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend, I know we did. Jacob had a 3 day weekend and we definitely took advantage of his time off. On Saturday, we spent a majority of the day at my mom's house planting a vegetable garden. We don't have a great spot in our yard to plant a garden, so my mom let us plant in her garden. I'm so excited to teach Luke where his fruits and vegetables come from this summer. Laura, Travis and the girls also came up camping for the weekend. Luke and Miya had a blast playing with each other! On Sunday, we took Jacob's truck to a mud run. It's a very Michigan thing to do, so don't laugh! A mud run is when a bunch of big trucks get together and take turns driving through swampy areas and big mud puddles. It sounds very silly, but it is actually pretty fun. Luke LOVES watching Daddys truck get all dirty and drive through the water! On Monday we went to some friends house for dinner.

This week it hit me...I LOVE yard sales! I finally have the rocking chair that I've been wanting since I was pregnant with Luke. I found it at a yard sale for $20! I've also gotten some really great steals on clothes for Emma. I think I may becoming addicted to them! I figure I'd have to spend the money on clothes for the kids anyway, and this way I can buy much more for the same money. That's what I tell Jacob anyway! :)

Luke had a great week this week. He took a nap for me 3 days! His behavior has been slowly improving too. He always has been a joy, but he's gotten so fun over the last couple of weeks. His vocabulary is improving every day, and he's speaking 4+ word sentences now. His new favorite song is a popular Sunday School song called "Who's the King of the Jungle?". It's so fun to see him starting to understand the concept of Jesus. If we forget to pray before a meal, Luke sure reminds us! :)

Emma is doing great this week too. Her eye coordination seems to be slowly improving and she is starting to focus on faces that are closer to her now. We are still having her eyes screened on Monday morning anyway, just to be safe. It's amazing to me and I am so thankful how much that they eye doctors can pick up on at such an early stage of life! I'll let you all know how it goes. She is also starting to talk and communicate with us more and more. I'm trying to attach a small video clip of her talking, hopefully it will post correctly. She is still mesmerized by the camera, so she tends to freeze when she sees the blinking light. But, I did get a few seconds of her talking and smiling. I hope you enjoy. She's changing so fast these days, and seems to be growing out of her clothes by the minute!

Jacob's work is slowing down after this week, for which we're all thankful for. My mom just got a new camper that she's offered to let us use this summer, we're so thankful. It's great how God just sees a need and finds a way to meet it. Jacob and I have been talking for a while about buying a small used camper to start taking small family vacations with, but we just didn't have the extra money for one this summer. We're thankful my mom was so generous in letting us borrow this one for the summer! We already have a couple of camping plans with friends this summer. :)

Here are some video/pictures of the kids from the week.

Emma talking
Luke spent time playing in my canning pot this week.

It didn't take him long to try and go swimming!

Emma is really starting to like her floor gyms!

This is Jacob's truck before and after the mud run!

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